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Planting Bulbs Is As Easy As 1-2-3

When To Plant

Plant summer-flowering bulbs and tubers in the spring when there is no risk of ground frost (usually around May 15th).

Where To Plant

Summer bulbs thrive in a sunny spot, either in the garden or in pots and containers.

How To Plant

Plant summer bulbs in various ways. For example, by making planting holes or trenches with a trowel for small areas or with a spade in large areas.

How Far Apart

Plant smaller varieties about 4 inches apart, Gladioli 5 inches apart, Begonias 10 inches apart, and Lilies and Dahlias as much as 16 inches apart.

The Soil

Before you start planting make certain the soil is well loosened. Then, smooth it out evenly. Summer bulbs may be planted in all types of soil, as long as it provides good drainage. As a rule, additional fertilizing is not necessary. If you have heavy clay soil, it is advisable to mix the top layer with sand or compost. If you plant the bulbs in containers, use potting soil.


Water immediately after planting. Summer bulbs require a great deal of water. In spring, the soil in the garden or planters must be kept moist.

Never Ending Summer Flowers

Once the bulbs have finished flowering, you can often use them again the following year. With the exception of Lilies, bulbs must be removed from the ground (after the leaves have wilted), because summer bulbs are sensitive to frost. They may be planted again the next spring. Lily bulbs may remain in the ground and bloom again the following season. In this manner, you may create a splendid "naturalized effect." Lilies are available in may types, sizes and colors. This is also true for the Dahlia, which comes in many different varieties. Summer bulbs are superbly suited for use in combination with annuals and perennials.

Cut Flowers

Some flower bulb varieties can be used as cut flowers. Gladioli, tall growing Dahlias (such as cactus and decorative Dahlias) and Lilies are recommended. Why not plant the flower bulbs a little closer together, so that they can support each other. Wire netting also provides good support to tall flowers.

In the case of cut flowers, the flowering period should also be taken into account. By planting summer bulbs that bloom at different times you can have freshly cut flowers in your home all summer long.


Achieve blooming results with these tips:

  1. Summer cheer; brighten a corner of a deck with flower bulbs in pots and baskets.
  2. Let the summer breeze blow through delightful hanging baskets.
  3. Color you garden all summer long; make the most of the various flowering periods.
  4. By planting the flower bulbs the proper distance apart, you'll create patches of color. Dahlias, as well as many other summer bulbs, make ideal cut flowers.

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